Second Impression

Hi All

My very genuine appreciation to all the people who presented the forum.

My first impression of the Delaware River Basin Forum was the impression of an 800 pound gorilla’s foot into my face. But this is grossly unfair to gorillas.

So my second impression is that of being sat down by the “Space Odessy 2001” computer HAL who explained why I am in the way. Deja Vu all over again; 2001 + 10!


Deja Vu 2001+ 10

So basically the forum said “you’re fracked; so apart from your well being poisoned; IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE your water supply may need to be protected from?”

Sadly it was said from the podium several times “We must develop GAS”. What do watershed people know about fuel policy? It was a sweetheart audience for the most part, only able to “see” giant big dollar facility water consumption downstream.

What was refreshing was the number of people throughout the forum who spoke to real concerns of real (small) people. The Sullivan County session lead the way for speaking the voice of the people. I believe they thought we were quaint.

Our Sullivan County Session distilled some key discussion points:

– Of course private short term profit for war profiteers is not worth destroying the Delaware Watershed.

– Of course we had geat State Water Quality Laws before they were shredded by Dicktator Cheney.

– Of course we cannot protect ourselves from anything ELSE either because we do not know what chemicals are being put into the ground (It’s a secret).

– Of course our elected officials and agency directors should be informed and protecting the water supply of their constituencies.

– Of course many of the above will not help us. Either because they are political mush, or political appointees left over from the previous reigme dedicated to dismantling of regulartory agencies.

Many good people throughout seem alone, vulnerable, defenseless, and helpless. Well we are not.


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